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A Release of Innovations


 A Release of Innovations
- Global Distributor Meeting 2016 & MEDICA 2016

Bringing along its latest innovations, EDAN, the leading medical device provider and innovator, again exhibited at MEDICA 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from Nov 14th to 17th.

One day before MEDICA, on Nov 13th, EDAN held its Global Distributor Meeting 2016, in Intercontinental Düsseldorf. Over 100 invited distributors from different countries attended, learnt about EDAN’s latest product developments and strategy updates, shared their business ideas, and enjoyed the hospitalities from EDAN family. 


On the meeting, Mr. Zhang Hao, President of the Board, went through the history of EDAN’s POCT investments and developments, and pointed out modern POCT technology, such as EDAN Magnetic Immunoassay Analyzer m16, is the future: “POCT survives on Accuracy! Accuracy! Accuracy!”, President Zhang emphasizes: “A future product, must have a bright future.”

The cooperation between EDAN & BIT on IVD products, and the new branch of EDAN Health Intelligence, with its ECG iCloud system, have also attracted many attentions. 

With EDAN’s latest business & product developments introduced, and outstanding distributors awarded for their excellent works in sales performance, market promotions, and technical contributions, the meeting was recognized as a great success, and a stirring opening for the upcoming exhibition. 

One day after, at Medica 2016, as usual, EDAN hosted two booths, with IVD and POCT exhibiting in 3K64, and ultrasound imaging, obstetrics & gynecology, patient monitoring, and diagnostic ECG in 11C77.

EDAN, with years of developments and dedications in the medical device industry, has long built its success over innovations and quality products. This year, EDAN blazed new trails and showcased its latest innovations, including 3-part Differential Automated Hematology Analyzer H30, Vital Signs Monitor iM3, Holter System SE-2003/2012, and Centralized Fetal Telemetry System FTS-6.

A Delight from EDAN
3-part Differential Automated Hematology Analyzer H30

Introduced on the Global Distributor Meeting 2016, H30 has drawn much attentions with its compact design. Though being much smaller, it does not compromise its capability of running 60 samples per hour, while only requiring 10ul whole blood sample, but bringing 20 reportable parameters. Equipped with a unique fluidic module design, H30 applies lifetime tubing and standard fittings, which makes it easier to maintain, and safer to operate with a 24 volt power supply. Users may benefit more from its low-consumption of reagents, and user-friendly designs such as touch screen, automatic cleaning, etc.

A Slim Monitoring Experience
Vital Signs Monitor iM3

Combining a stunning ultra-slim design, a large capacitive touch screen, together with a rich set of leading functions, iM3 takes the lead and presents itself as the beginning of a new generation of vital signs monitors. Bringing in full options of SpO2, NIBP and Temperature, while introducing a unique Rounding mode, iM3 not only serves for long time monitoring and spot checks, but also adapts much better to in-hospital rounding applications. Bi-directional communication with upper systems is also available on iM3 for a paperless and intelligent workflow.

Work Smarter in Every Click
Holter System SE-2003/SE-2012

Designed to reduce the requirements of manual interventions or repeat works, while boosting up the work efficiency of daily analysis, EDAN’s latest Holter system is streamlined in multiple approaches, such as multi-layer classification, dynamic learning & searching engine, a full set of analysis tools, and many others. It would probably save up to 50% time cost out of each case. On the other hand, a new Holter recorder is applied, with a protection grade up to IP27, which maximizes patient’s freedom and facilitates the sterilization procedures.

More than a CTG System
Centralized Fetal Telemetry System FTS-6

As a revolutionary fetal monitoring product, FTS-6 shifts fetal monitoring from bedside application to centralization, bringing a streamlined workflow into clinical daily routine. Design wise, the 360 degree transducer holder provides full convenience for transducer pick and place, which allows free positioning of each wireless transducer. With All-in-one PC, FTS-6 is also a central monitoring station, nurse could keep track of all the patient in real time, saving time from frequent checking by the bedside.

To be Enlightened
EDAN Ultrasound Family

Also exhibited and attracted many attentions is EDAN’s latest ultrasound family, with Acclarix Series as the flagship models. Acclarix AX8 is the first laptop system of EDAN ultrasound family, while Acclarix LX8 is a cart-base system which shares the same platform.