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EDAN and Messer are opening-up a new chapter in IVD market


On Dec.9th, 2016, EDAN and Messer together held the inauguration of the joint-venture company---EDAN-MESSER Diagnostics Co., Ltd.(EMD) in Edan Technology Park.

EMD is a Sino-German joint venture, with investments totaled $500 million, and occupies a land area of 7000 square meters. It is an IVD technology and manufacturing services provider to leading healthcare companies.
The Joint Venture combines the best of both companies: innovation and global reach in the medical instrumentation and cutting-edge experience in the IVD sector. EMD provides IVD technologies developed in the US and Europe, and manufactures products for clients under consideration of the strict regulatory requirements of CFDA, FDA and ISO13485. It is dedicated to improving quality of health around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative and high-quality diagnostic products and services. The vision is to bring IVD technology paired with innovation and value together to improve the human health and grow the company to become a leading IVD system provider.


About Messer:
Messer is a global enterprise with more than one hundred years history. As a part of Messer group, BIT is the pioneer and global leading provider of advanced technologies in the IVD OEM sector for over 40 years. It has six sites globally, with 340 employees committed to develop products in Europe and the US, serving clients in clinical diagnostics, life science research and medical devices markets.