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EDAN Exhibited at AACC 2017, San Diego ,USA


Edan, as a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative and high-quality medical products and services(Stock Code: 300206), showcased our latest in-vitro diagnostics products at the 69th AACC, the most important Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in America, in San Diego USA ,from August 1st-3rd.

During AACC, the new hematology analyzer H50 has been unveiled by Edan’s CEO Mr. Hao Zhang, Chief Scientist Vice President Doctor Lin Chao, Professor Michael Noeh , International Sales Department General Manager Mr. Jack Xie and Executive Director of Global Marketing & Strategic Planning Mr. Alex You.

The speech themed “Smart inside, Small outside” addressed by Professor Michael Noeh captured the attention of all the audience.

H50, 5-part auto hematology analyzer
Based on the technical platform from BIT, Messer with accumulated experience more than decades, expanding and completing a full line portfolio of hematology field is EDAN’s target. H30, the 3-part hematology analyzer is our first step to enter hematology industry. H50, the much updated 5-part auto hematology analyzer with the state of the art technology, simple operations, fewer reagents, better performance, advanced internal structure by design, all in a smaller more affordable package that will fit any clinician budget and space.

m16 Magnetic Immunoassay System
m16, a POCT magnetic immunoassay system is also on display at the exhibition. It provides high sensitivity results with better stability in a shorter test period by its unique GMR sensor. Multi-parameters available in one test cartridge and expandable test menu help m16 become a competitive product among the commercial POCT diagnostic products.