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New Release of SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler


SD1 is the new generation of all-in-one Doppler device that obtains a combination of built-in speaker and fetal heart rate digital display. In order to detect the fetal heart rate in the early trimester, SD1’s pulse wave technology largely improves the quality of the sound performance and minimize the interference, which provides you the amazing beloved sound of your little one.

Outstanding industrial design by the Edan Corporate Design Group, the SD1 mimics a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket, represent the love and expectation of the family.

With the built-in speaker and digital display screen, SD1 greatly accesses the mobility of user with excellent performance. The Bluetooth version also has an associate Android and iOS APP not only provide you an easy access to track the growth of the baby but also include a lot of professional caring information that may help you along the track.

SD1 with Bluetooth
The internal Bluetooth module makes SD1 possible to work with an Android or iOS APP accessing for tracking baby’s development.

SD1 without Bluetooth
The economic version, which can satisfy the basic usage for fetal heart rate tracing.