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Edan’s acquisition of Sulis



Over 5 years of cooperation, Edan Instruments, Inc. is honored to announce that we have recently acquired Sulis Healthcare Products, Ltd. (“Sulis”), a UK-based former distributor of Edan that now has become Edan’s official division office. This transformation will establish a solid foundation for Edan to expand the global market.

After all stages of the acquisition are completed, Sulis will be integrated into Edan’s agency network in the UK on a global basis. In this way, this operation successfully shifts the role of Sulis, upgrading it from one of Edan’s global distributors into Edan’s direct sales partner. Not only does this efficiently broaden and deepen the range of Edan’s global services, it also contributes to the exploitation and expansion of Edan’s market share in the world, especially in the UK and Ireland markets. Moreover, by adding one subdivision in the UK, it enhances our overall service quality, and improves our efficiency at the same time, which means there are more professional employees and technicians that are available to provide better and quicker service at that area.