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With Edan, we are in Medica together


MEDICA, the world’s biggest medical trade fair and the international leading specialist trade fair for the supplier market and the medical technology industry. This year, MEDICA took placed in Düsseldorf, Germany. Within 4 days, over 5000 exhibitors attended this events and the exhibition has a total of 123500 professional visitors showed up according to the public statistics.


Edan Instruments, Inc., is a leading medical device manufacturer and technology innovator. Being a medical pioneer in the field, this is our 17th time attending this worldwide events.


This year, Edan again enlarged our booth area, taking two separated exhibition places. In order to give our audience the best product experiences, we have divided our stands into two portions. One is for the IVD and POCT product lines at the stand 3K64, the other booth is for the ultrasound imaging, obstetrics & gynecology, patient monitoring and diagnostic ECG product lines located at 11C77.



During the events, it was our honor to release our latest innovations for various product lines. H50, the 5-part Differential Automated Hematology Analyzer for IVD group. Acclarix AX4, the compact ultrasound system for Ultrasound images group. FTS-6, a centralized telemetry monitoring system plus the SD1, an all-in-one design pocket Doppler for OBGY product lines and Vital Signs Monitor iM3 for our patient monitoring product lines.


H50, the signature models from EDAN in hematology field, were built by EMD, which is a joint company between EDAN and BIT. Beginning with an entry level 3-part hematology analyzer, H30, we already set up our fundamental basics for the IVD markets. H50 is the advanced 5-part auto hematology analyzer product that has simplified the operation process, with less consumption of the reagents and better performances at the same time. In addition, its modern outlook and scientific internal structure design made it cost efficient and it is favored by a lot of clinician.




AX4 is one of our outstanding breakthroughs that is specially designed for daily ultrasonic diagnostic application. Based on Acclarix platform with leading-edge imaging technologies, AX4 ensures quality images and reliable clinical information. The goal of product is to deliver meaningful design innovation that benefits our user. With built-in battery and distinctive ergonomic feature design, AX4 offers a comfortable user experience and its unique feature best fit into the Point of Care and the Shared service.

FTS-6, the revolutionary fetal monitoring system from Edan, is a centralized workstation aimed to improve the entire monitoring process for both caretaker and mom-to-be. As a central monitor system, the FTS-6 can also be functioned as a PC. With up to 15 wireless transducers it can monitor single, twins or triplets. FTS-6 has changed the traditional way of fetal monitoring examination, which facilitates the streamlined workflow into clinical daily routine. Mom-to-be could also enjoy the freedom of move during the examination using the wireless transducers.


The new high resolution video colposcope we made is a perfect combination of HD camera, powerful software and convenient workstation. This smooth combination accommodates all kinds of rigid requirement from gynecologist and received high acclaim by the user. The upgraded high resolution camera and unique LED light ensure superior image quality and reproduce the examination features to the greatest extent. Equipped with the R-WAY software, this preliminary diagnostic tool enhances the screen result and becomes a helpful resource for the doctors. On top of that, we came up with several structure combinations and additional accessories that satisfied various demands from clinical application. Edan’s new HD video colposcope has gained a new perspective in the market.

SD1 is the new generation of Edan’s Doppler device that obtains a built-in speaker and fetal heart rate digital display. The all-in-one design mimics an infant wrapped in the blanket by the Edan Cooperate Design Group, it will be your optimal choice for Doppler devices in the market. Its clinical usage is for detecting the fetal heart rate in the early trimester from 9 week of gestation. The SD1’s pulse wave technology largely improves the quality of the sound performance and minimizes the signal interference, which provides you the amazing beloved sound of your little one.

Another astonishing product we highly recommend is the iM3 Vital Sign Monitor. The stunning ultra-slim model design, and a large capacity touch screen offer our customers an unprecedented experience with our patient monitoring products. Furthermore, with a rich set of advanced functions, there is no doubt that the iM3 will become the leading model of the market. iM3 also has a unique rounding mode, which simplifies the entire workflow for the caretakers during hospitalization.

There are a lot of ECG Workstation products in the market, but SE-1515 is one of the most favorable products among Edan’s ECG product lines. It has fast access to different ECG tools without launching too many software. It can manage clinical data and share the information through internet. Other than that, we also have bridged the ECG machines with EMR/PACs and made daily practice much more efficient. The new version of SE-1515, for the first time, has integrated Holter Analysis, Stress ECG, and Resting ECG in one software; meanwhile, it is enhanced with built-in ECG Gateway, which synchronizes the work list and is capable of outputting ECG reports with EMR/PACs. The professional MT 1000 PC Trolley, the built-in Glasgow Algorithm, and the user-friendly on-screen diagnosis module, all of these will bring out a powerful solution for the ECG department.

Founded in 1995, EDAN has continually strived to supply remarkable medical devices and solutions for our customers. The faith of “bringing innovation and value together to improve human condition” permeates every corner of EDAN’s corporate culture. With the commitment to becoming the pillar of the world healthcare industry and providing optimal services for our customers, we have created a great momentum to become more internationalized and offer an innovation-oriented future.

With more than 100 types of products ranging from Obstetrics & Gynecology Products, Patient Monitoring Products and Diagnostic Cardiology based products, to Ultrasonic Imaging Systems and In-vitro Diagnostic Products, EDAN has built solid foundations for future product exploration. EDAN provides innovative products and excellent services to customers in over 160 countries and regions across the world.

We have stablished our Headquarters in Shenzhen, China and EDAN possesses 19 overseas subsidiaries, as well as 5 R&D centres around the world. Domestically, EDAN has reached 30000 medical facilities with Industry Leading Healthcare solutions. Catering to the needs of Healthcare professionals and their patients, EDAN is and will always be dedicated in innovation and service.