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EDAN Exhibited at Hospitalar 2018


EDAN Instruments, Inc. (SZSE Stock Code: 300206), as a leading medical device manufacturer and technology innovator,we gracefully attended the Hospitalar Exhibition 2018, in São Paulo, Brazil from May 22nd to 25th.
Acknowledged for 25 years as the leading trade fair in the Area, Hospitalar is one of the most important show in the healthcare sector for both local and foreign medical markets.

EDAN showcased our visitors the latest innovative products, which cover five main lines we have, they are: IVD and POCT, ultrasound imaging, obstetrics & gynecology, patient monitoring and diagnostic ECG.


Acclarix LX8 -- Diagnostic Ultrasound System
When it comes to power, performance, innovation and flexibility there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Designed specifically to address the challenges of busy ultrasound environments, the Acclarix LX8 Ultrasound System features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operation easier, faster and more intuitive. Moreover, Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) is a unique and proprietary technology pioneered by Edan. TAI continuously and dynamically interacts with the returning echoes and adapts the image based on the characteristics of the tissues being imaged. Without any user interaction the system is adjusting multiple parameters. TAI is available in B-mode, color and spectral Doppler.

Acclarix LX8 on site demonstration drew highly attention of many visitors to Edan

H50, the signature models from EDAN in hematology field, were built by EMD, which is a joint company between EDAN and BIT. Beginning with an entry level 3-part hematology analyzer, H30, we already set up our fundamental basics for the IVD markets. H50 is the advanced 5-part auto hematology analyzer product that has simplified the operation process, with less consumption of the reagents and better performances at the same time. In addition, its modern outlook and scientific internal structure design made it cost efficient and it is favored by a lot of clinician.

Visitors showed a lot of interests to our IVD & POCT products.

This is the first showing for SD1 at Hospitalar. SD1 is the new generation of Edan’s Doppler device that obtains a built-in speaker and fetal heart rate digital display. The all-in-one design mimics an infant wrapped in the blanket by the Edan Cooperate Design Group, it will be your optimal choice for Doppler devices in the market. Its clinical usage is for detecting the fetal heart rate in the early trimester from 9 week of gestation. The SD1’s pulse wave technology largely improves the quality of the sound performance and minimizes the signal interference, which provides you the amazing beloved sound of your little one.

FTS-6, the revolutionary fetal monitoring system from Edan, is a breakthrough design with centralized workstation aimed to improve the entire monitoring process for both caretaker and mom-to-be. As a central monitor system, the FTS-6 can also be functioned as a PC. With up to 15 wireless transducers it can monitor single, twins or triplets. FTS-6 has changed the traditional way of fetal monitoring examination, which facilitates the streamlined workflow into clinical daily routine. Mom-to-be could also enjoy the freedom of move during the examination using the wireless transducers.

The new high resolution video colposcope we made is a perfect combination of HD camera, powerful software and convenient workstation. This smooth combination accommodates all kinds of rigid requirement from gynecologist and received high acclaim by the user. The upgraded high resolution camera and unique LED light ensure superior image quality and reproduce the examination features to the greatest extent. Equipped with the R-WAY software, this preliminary diagnostic tool enhances the screen result and becomes a helpful resource for the doctors. On top of that, we came up with several structure combinations and additional accessories that satisfied various demands from clinical application. Edan’s new HD video colposcope has gained a new perspective in the market.

Booth staff introduced OBG products to visitor

elite V8 Modular Patient Monitor
Designed as a full modular monitor, elite V8 dedicates to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially for critical divisions. The plug-and-play multi-parameter XM module and fifteen separated modules expand the flexibility and adaptability of the elite V8 to tailor made to patient-by-patient requirements for most clinical monitoring applications, including: Cardiology, Hemodynamics, Respiratory, and Anesthesia.Usingelite V8 together with iM20, you may build a seamless connection from ambulances to in-hospital cares.

Founded in 1995, EDAN has continually strived to supply remarkable medical devices and solutions for our customers. The faith of “bringing innovation and value together to improve human condition” permeates every corner of EDAN’s corporate culture. With the commitment to becoming the pillar of the world healthcare industry and providing optimal services for our customers, we have created a great momentum to become more internationalized and offer an innovation-oriented future.