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FTS-6 Centralized Fetal Monitor in Davao Doctors Hospital


As one of the top medical leading company in China, Edan has shown great market potential and astonishing product development to the world.

Over twenty years of design and manufacture experience in the medical field, Edan continuously bring out innovative product for all customers. This time, Edan has turned a new page by introducing our fetal monitoring in Davao, Philippine.

Davao doctor hospital is one of the largest private hospital in Philippine, founded in 1960s. By 2000, DDH already made history by being the 1ST ISO-accredited hospital in the region and the 2nd in the country.

It is our honor to provide product and service to the DDH. This year, Edan worked with DDH to upgrade the Obstetric department by introducing the profound FTS-6 and F9E fetal monitors.

The new centralized fetal monitor FTS-6 is a revolutionary telemetry workstation. Combined with bedside monitor F9E, the device is capable of monitor 12 patient maximum at the same time. Total of 15 wireless probes can monitor single, twins and triplets.


With pleasure, Edan’s application team and caretakers from the DDH has conduct an interview with SUNSTAR newspaper on June 1st. Together, we would like to spread the news to all the caretakers that we are always here to serve the product and serve the people.


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