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Edan and Tencent Announced Strategic Partnership of AI Technology in Colposcopy Screening



SHENZHEN, China, July 11, 2019 - On July 9, Edan and Tencent have reached a strategic partnership combining Edan’s digital colposcope with Tencent’s cutting-edge technology, the AI-assisted auxiliary diagnostic system. Based on clinical needs, the cooperation mainly focuses on developing medical solutions to enhance the screening and early detection of cervical cancer. This strong strategic partnership can be seen as a breakthrough in cervical cancer diagnosis. The two parties will further explore other possibilities for Edan-Tencent cooperation and together bring colposcopy into the next level.



Tencent Healthcare’s vice general manager of business cooperation Pu Song (Left) and Xicheng Xie (Right), the vice president of Edan Instruments, signed the strategic partnership contract of AI Technique Development in Cervical Cancer Screening in Shenzhen, Tuesday, Jul. 9, 2019.



As Tencent’s very first application of artificial intelligence technology in the healthcare industry, Tencent Miying is developed by Tencent’s top AI teams including its AI Lab and YouTu Lab. It combines image recognition and deep learning technique with modern medicine. To better collecting and analyzing the clinical data, Edan set Joint Artificial Intelligence Labs at more than ten Grade-A Tertiary Hospitals.



According to WHO, cervical cancer is one of the biggest - but preventable - threats to women’s health. It causes more than 270,000 women’s death annually worldwide, mostly occurs in developing countries.


With the aid of AI technology, digital colposcopy is expected to identify the cervical transformation zone and the location of a lesion much quicker. This will help clinicians identify high grade lesion more efficiently, which can provide a solid guarantee for early detection and early diagnosis and help the health resources limited areas to resolve the bottleneck of cervical cancer screening.


“Cervical cancer is currently the only cancer can be eliminated through medical interventions. However, both false negative and false positive are prevailing at the primary care level which makes the situation severer”, said by Professor Qiao Youlin, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College School of Public Health.



Edan’s vice president Xie shared his insights of this coorperation.


Hammering at digital colposcope in OB/GYN for nearly a decade, Edan’s colposcope products were well received by most Chinese Grade-A Tertiary Hospitals, including Peking University First Hospital and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University with its one-stop solution for early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. Furthermore, Edan’s colposcopy information system makes remote consultations possible for underdeveloped areas. This enables the patients there to acquire access to proper diagnosis and treatment of colposcopy. 



Combining with AI, digital colposcopy can drive the medical resources balancing one step further. Qiao said, “Tencent Miying not only helps to better prevent cervical cancer from happening at primary care area in China but also is a gift to the rest of the world, especially for the Belt-and-Road countries. This win-win partnership will promote the interconnection of medical information resources among the countries, which might lead to a medical treatment upgrade at the primary care level.


Seen value-driven and innovative as the core value, Edan’s investment in R&D has exceeded 20% of its revenue in the past three years. Till now, Edan offers more than 100 products and medical solutions under multiple product lines, including Ultrasound, Patient Monitoring, IVD/POCT, Diagnostic ECG, OB/GYN, and Intelligence Healthcare, and will keep plowing in the medical devices field/healthcare industry.