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Edan Celebrated as One of the Best Overseas Brands of Chinese Medical Equipment


SHANGHAI, China, September 5, 2019 -- Edan Instruments, Inc. received the award for Best Overseas Brands of Chinese Medical Equipment 2018 last week during the 3rd China International Cooperation Summit on Medical Devices, held in Shanghai Friday, August 30. The award represents the recognition of the significant product quality and brand reputation that Edan earned in the past years.


The summit was held by China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters (CCCMHPIE), under the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It focuses on the connection of the medical industry with the global market, around innovation, globalization, and the recent economic environment. Institutions around the world joined the discussion, including Ethiopian Embassy, the British consulates in Shanghai, the UNICEF, the Global Fund, APACMed, and PAIH, etc.

Bakhtiyor Sharipov from UNICEF gave the speech.

As a Chinese healthcare company, Edan dedicates to provide value-driven products and comprehensive medical solutions to the world and persists on implementing the “Going out” Policy. By representing a Chinese brand go abroad, Edan values foreign aid projects more than just selling products overseas. The complete after-sales services and training are provided to the areas that are lack of resources, like Ecuador in Latin America. Primary facilities in these areas have been dramatically improved under foreign aid projects.


“Earning the award for Best Overseas Brand of Chinese Medical Equipment for the past year means a lot to us. To provide excellent user experience, Edan tries to put ourselves into the client’s shoes and consider things in their perspective. We fulfill our clients’ needs as much as we can.” Said by Edan’s global marketing director, Alex You.


According to Alex, Edan will continue the foreign aid projects in Belt and Road countries. Edan aims to help countries in these areas to strengthen their service level for primary care. Throughout these foreign aid projects, the bonding between Edan and other countries will be tightened.