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Please visit us at Hospital Expo 2017


The 15th IHA National Seminar, 11th Annual Seminar Patient Safety & The 30th Hospital Expo 2017
Jakarta Convention Center
18 – 21 October, 2017
Main lobby 56-57

FTS-6                                                                                                          Acclarix AX8
Central Monitoring System                                                                          Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Acclarix LX8                                                                                                i15
Diagnostic Ultrasound System                                                                    Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer

m16                                                                                                              H30
Magnetic Immunoassay System                                                                  Automated Hematology Analyzer

Ds-500i                                                                                                          IM3
Auto Hematology Analyzer                                                                            Vital Signs Monitor

Im70                                                                                                              SE-301
Patient Monitor                                                                                              Electrocardiograph