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The U50 is a cost-effective, portable color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system. Characterized by user-friendly workflow, the U50 offers excellent image quality and reliable performance delivering high diagnostic confidence. An optional lithium battery provides 90 minutes of operation between charging. Available with transducer and measurement packages to support a wide range of applications including abdominal, OB/GYN, vascular, cardiac, pediatric and small parts.
​Features and Benefits

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Speckle reduction technology ​​

Improves contrast resolution while maintaining detail resolution

Phase-inversion harmonic imaging

Reduces noise and clutter for optimum image quality

S​patial compounding

Multiple lines-of-sight improves contrast resolution 

M​ulti-beam technology

High frame-rate in all modes including color and Doppler

Multi-frequency Transducer Technology

Multiple 2-D, harmonic and color frequencies increases transducer utility

User-friendly ​Workflow

Intuitive control panel reduces learning curve

Smart PreSets - quickly adjust multiple setting to suit your patient type and imaging preferences

Supported Applications

Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endovaginal, Small Parts, Muculoskeletal,     Vascular, Urology, Cardiology, Pediatrics

Compact, Lightweight Design

Ninety minutes of battery-powered operation

High resolution LCD monitor

Multiple peripheral ports

​Speckle Reduction Technology
Speckle reduction imaging uses real-time image processing to improve visualization of anatomy and pathology by reducing the speckle noise.   Edan's speckle noise reduction imaging technology uses an advanced multi-scale anisotropic filtering algorithm. This imaging technology is excellent at separating the noise regions from the diagnostic image allowing complex filtering to be performed differently on noise versus true anatomic information thus producing an enhanced image.

Phase Inversion Harmonic Imaging
Harmonic signals are produced as ultrasound waves propagate through the body.  Because these signals are produced in the body, they are not influenced by artifact inducing fat near the skin surface.  Consequently, an image formed using only the harmonic signal will have less clutter and can be more diagnostic.  With phase-inversion harmonics, pairs of ultrasound pulses with opposite phases are transmitted.  When the signals received from inverted pulses are added together, the fundamental components are cancelled and only the harmonic signal remains.  This creates an image that is pure harmonic with reduction in clutter artifact that degrades the image.

Spatial Compounding
Spatial Compounding combines several different component images to display an image with improved quality.  In addition to the image formed by transmitting ultrasonic waves directly away from the transducer, images are formed with waves that have been electronically steered at an angle away from the transducer.  Different degrees of steering can be used to produce multiple, different images.
The speckle in these component images will be different because of the electronic steering, but macroscopic variation – like the brightness variation caused by a liver lesion – will be shared between the component images.  By combining the images, the speckle noise is reduced while the image contrast is enhanced.

Multi-beam Technology
Ultrasound systems use beams that are focused electronically to produce high spatial resolution.  Signals from the transducer are delayed and added together in the system to produce a focused ultrasound beam.  The same signals can be added together with different delays to produce multiple beams.  When this is done, the spatial resolution can be improved without reducing the frame rate or the frame rate can be improved without reducing the resolution.  As shown below, with dual beamformation the same receive beams are formed with half the transmit beams, thus doubling the frame rate.

Micro-convex array C612UB


Pediatric , Pediatric Cardiology

Phased array P5-1b


Cardiac Screening

Linear array L15-7b


Small Parts , MSK, Vascular

Convex array C5-2b


Abdomen , OB , Gynecology, Urology

Convex array C352UB



Abdomen , OB , Gynecology , Urology

Linear array L742UB



Small Parts, Vascular , MSK

Micro-convex array C6152UB



Pediatric , Pediatric Cardiology

Linear array L1042UB



Small Parts, Vascular , MSK

Linear array L552UB


Small Parts, Vascular , MSK , Pediatric

Micro-convex array C422UB



Abdomen , Adult Cardiology

Endovaginal E612UB


OB , Gynecology , Urology